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Updates and Promises July 26, 2012

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Hey everyone. I’ve been MIA for a while, but hopefully I’ll be getting back on schedule soon.

A heat wave has been sweeping my area. Two weeks ago I was in France, where the thermostat stayed in the sixties or seventies and it rained almost every day. (In her departing speech, our tour guide said she hoped we’d all changed over the course of our trip. “Yeah,” I said. “We got wetter.”) Back home, we’ve reached 108. I think my brain may have cooked. Cooked or not, the heat kills all motivation, and I haven’t been working like I ought to.

I’ve also had to deal with a sick cat, unfortunately. The vets think she has cancer, and we’re giving her steroid treatments. If that doesn’t work… there’s not much we can do. But she’s alive right now, so all is well. Still, that hasn’t helped my concentration.

I’ll be dragging myself back into working order soon, and you should get a regularly scheduled post on Saturday. Until then, farewell.


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