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What I Miss in College August 19, 2012

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1. My cats. College has so far been an animal free zone. I’ve only seen dogs from a distance. I need to find a PetsMart and lurk in the kitten section stat.

2. Private showers. Yes, they’re in separate stalls, but I still feel awkward. Plus, you always need shower shoes unless you want to pick something nasty up off the floor.

3. Ease of transport. I don’t actually need a car to get around campus, but the constant walking is tiring. Reaching places like Target or the grocery store requires  large time investment.

4. Peace and quiet. Our dorm floor enjoys watching TV and playing games late at night. This wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t vocalize their approval… loudly. I’m still getting used to sleeping through it. Hopefully once classes start they’ll quiet down.

5. Family. This hasn’t hit hard yet, but it’s weird. I’ll see something funny and think ‘Oh, I’ll have a story when I get home.’ But… I won’t get home for a long time.

One thing I thought I’d miss a lot more was the food. Right now, though, we’re getting lots of free nourishment thrown at us. Also, the stuff at the dining halls is surprisingly good. We’ll see if that keeps up.

Currently, I’m weathering the storm that is living alone. Check back with me in a week to see if I’m still alive

Are any of you college students/graduates? What did you miss most about being away from home?


One Response to “What I Miss in College”

  1. the mom Says:

    Your family misses the play by play recap of your day & would love to hear highlights whenever & however. It is MUCH too quiet at home.

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