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Writing Challenge Day 4 September 10, 2012

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I`m not doing these in order at all, or daily. So I suppose I`m not doing the challenge properly at all. Ah well. This one looked fun, so I ran with it. (And I was busy that night, while poems are fast.)

Day 4: A poem using the words: blue, mistrust, half, twang


mistrust is the out of tune twang

from the weathered strings of the guitar

you left outside in the rain

the blue paint is peeling off from water damage

when I say you killed it

I`m only half joking


Simple enough. On to another one!


2 Responses to “Writing Challenge Day 4”

    • katblogger Says:

      Thanks. I can`t say I`m in love with it, but I`ve been slapping stuff out in about five minutes thanks to this lovely thing called college. I`m already behind on the challenge. Ack.

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