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Exploring the Abyss September 18, 2012

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I might walk for an hour without encountering another human being. My footsteps raise echoes off the high ceiling and concrete walls. Caged enclosures hide their contents with curtains. Lights flicker and dim. Entire rooms are filled with no noise above the sound of my own breathing.

Welcome to the college library.

This place is not the cheery, colorful room I knew in elementary school. It’s not even the moderately welcoming building from high school. This is the library where students go to die, their bodies discovered years later by a hapless graduate student searching for a useful thesis. A friend said he thought the books would start screaming if you opened them.

So far my adventures in the library have been met with mixed success. A few times, I located the tome I needed and escaped with my limbs intact. Once I wandered for an hour looking for 2 A West, which was in no way connected to 2 West, 1 West, or (as far as I could tell) this plane of existence. Many times, books listed as ‘not checked out’ where mysteriously not on the shelf, overflow stacks, or in the re-shelving room. I’m beginning to think they heard me coming and ran away.

My research shenanigans are a big part of why I haven’t been posting as regularly (fitting eight hours of research into the week can be rough) but hopefully things will work out soon. Otherwise I might have to tweak my posting schedule. We’ll see how it goes.

Have any of you dared enter a college library? How many of your company did you lose? Any horror stories?


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