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Look at me, I’m a citizen! October 14, 2012

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Voting is hard.

You’d think they’d make it easy. It’s our civic duty after all. Our politicians should want to make sure we all make our voices he- oh. I may have found the problem.

Anyway, I’ve always been judgmental of the low turnout of young voters. 51% went out and voted in the last presidential election, and that was considered a high percentage! But I had no idea how much of a pain it is.

Since I’m at college, I had to register for an absentee ballot. When it eventually came in the mail, I filled it out excitedly after checking the rules over and over to make sure I wasn’t screwing anything up. Once I’d finished, I was faced with a problem. I had to get this thing notarized.

Basically, a notary makes sure that you’re voting as you, and this whole absentee thing isn’t a clever ruse designed to commit voter fraud. This is all well and good, but the notary closest to me was over a mile away. I got to walk on the grass next to a busy road, cut through a parking lot, and find my way over the practice field in the Rec complex. Finally, I got everything taken care of and returned to my dorm. (The round trip took an hour. It was cold. And windy. And rather irritating.) I was beginning to understand why some kids my age blew the whole process off. It was complicated.

The election board is kind enough not to require postage (that would be just plain rude) so my last act was to laboriously shove the bulky envelope into our much too small mail slot. I hope no one else had letters to send. Long walks and difficulty aside, my vote has been cast and will be counted. I may live in a state whose electoral vote will almost assuredly not go my way, but every bit counts.

Look at me, doing adult stuff!

It’s weird.


One Response to “Look at me, I’m a citizen!”

  1. MK Says:

    At least you didn’t have to ride your horse miles & miles & stay a week or so in an inn to vote.

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