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Beyond NaNo: Using December Well December 1, 2012

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December can be a rotten month. If you’re in high school or college, it means finals and papers. If you live in a continental climate, it also means cold winds, gloomy skies, and an air of complete desolation. If that’s not enough, holidays and visiting relatives provide plenty of distraction from whatever you’re actually supposed to be working on.

But try to fight this. One of the most important parts of NaNoWriMo is that it gets you writing regularly. Now that November is over, it’s very tempting to let those good habits you’ve built up slip away. Don’t let them! Over the last thirty days, you learned to cram writing into every spare minute you had. You learned to think plot, characters, and dialogue in overdrive.You learned to be a writer 24/7. You shouldn’t lose that!

Set your November novel aside. It may be worth salvaging, or it may not be. Either way, it needs time to stew. Now pick something else up. A short story idea, perhaps, or a manuscript that needs editing. Even another novel if you’re really daring. Then enlist those writing skills you’ve honed. It’s December now. You don’t have a word count or a deadline. You can go slower and write with more of an eye for quality. Or – if you enjoyed that mad rush of excitement – you could keep racking up words. Whatever you decide to do, don’t let this last month go to waste.

Keep writing.


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