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If It Hurts, Write About It February 27, 2013

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I had a fight with a very good friend yesterday. It was over the internet, which in some ways is better, some ways worse. No matter the medium, I ended the day upset, tangled, and sick to my stomach. I can’t stand arguing with friends and family.

It wore me out, in other words, and all I wanted to do was curl up with some hot chocolate. I did so, but after quelling my distress-induced stomachache, I did something else. I wrote.

Writing is many things to me. It’s fun. It’s a career I hope to purpose. It’s a device to survive dull times. But it has also always been a catharsis. I have dashed out angry prose, classically teenage anguished poems, even a few lines of an enthusiastic play. Strong emotion, particularly negative, wants to get out of me and onto paper. This frequently manifests as crappy poetry. I remember scribbling down something about the presumptions of Zeus after the third Clery report of an assault popped up in my email and something inside me snapped. I remember playing with double voice structure as I struggled to convince a friend not to end her life. Last night, I produced twenty or so slanting lines in a purple and white notebook.  They were angry, maybe, but not fiery anymore. More tired. I was tired. Despite my attitude toward the occasional internet troll, I do not relish conflict.

Still, I’d written something. That meant I’d taken all that stress and ickyness and made something with it – maybe not anything good, but it was there. It’s still there,tucked between my alarm clock and a box of almonds.

Better than nothing, anyway.


One Response to “If It Hurts, Write About It”

  1. Oh how many times, I have been hurt, and then found myself, pouring my pain and heartache into the words of stories, and situations. Its amazing what flows out of me, not just through the tears, but also, it somehow takes the pain away, transferring it to another…world.

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