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The Promised Changes Arrive March 30, 2013

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In my last few posts – from quite a while ago, I apologize – I talked about blog structure changes. Utilizing my spring break, I finally got them rolling.

I started a personal tumblr this summer and found the interface a lot simpler and more welcoming than WordPress’s format. It’s better for shorter posts or links intended to share a trick or two, which is what I’ve found myself gravitating toward. College life, you know. (And sometimes I really don’t have that much to say.)

In summary, I’m shifting home base. If you’re interested in following, my new location is There will probably be content more frequently, but it’ll tend to be information gleaned from other sources. I’ll still be making my own observations and posts, but they won’t make up the entirety of the site.

If you’re interested, give it a follow. If you’re not – thanks for coming along for the ride. I wish you all the best and remember – keep writing. Especially when it hurts. 


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