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Election 2012 November 7, 2012

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These days my tendency is to only post on the weekends, but I’m breaking tradition to gloat just a little bit about the events of last night.

We won.

President Obama was elected for another term. That wasn’t our only victory, though. Gay marriage was legalized in three states. A motion to ban it failed. A lesbian senator was elected, while legitimate rape candidate Todd Akin found his election shut down. I stayed up almost to midnight watching the results roll in, and I couldn’t be happier.

Way to go, America. It’s going to be a great four years.

Tune in this weekend for tips on getting through the deadly second week of NaNo.


The Perfect President September 22, 2012

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Someday, I would like to have a president who has suffered.

I would like to elect someone who had to drop out of high school to work an extra job. Someone who watched the sidewalk for pennies because every cent mattered. Someone who didn’t wonder what to eat for dinner, but if there was anything to eat for dinner, and if they could afford it.

I would like to elect a woman who was been called rude names on the streets, harassed, raped, had an abortion, been overlooked for a promotion or paid less than her coworkers because of her gender.

I would like to elect someone who has been gay bashed, physically assaulted, bullied in the hallways between classes.

I would like to elect someone who grew up in a neighborhood where you were more likely to hear sirens coming down the street than the ice cream truck. Where going outside risked being mugged or being shot not for any reason beyond the fact that you were there.

I would like to elect a president who doesn’t talk about how perfect America is all the time because he or she knows there are problems, and they are actually going to fix them.


It’s the Economy, Stupid (Or is it?) September 5, 2012

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I’ve witnessed quite a few political arguments over the past few months, although these days I’m trying to stay out of them. (My workload is ample reason to avoid getting worked up every time someone is wrong on the internet.) Going to college was a relief in many ways because I no longer have a television. The hated campaign ads can’t find me.

One argument I’ve seen a lot is “You shouldn’t vote for a candidate just because of social issues like abortion/gay rights. Other things are so much more important.”

This argument is almost always made by middle to upper class white straight individuals, typically male. From their viewpoint, such matters are fairly insignificant. But for people living lives affected or shaped by civil rights constraints, they are vital. An abortion might be the only thing protecting a poor woman from complete financial ruin and life on the streets. Legal protection might keep an outed employee his job.

Yes, the economy is important. So is foreign policy and environmental programs and a thousand other things. (Luckily, I agree with my candidate of choice in most of these areas as well.) However, these ‘insignificant’ civil issues are anything but. They are, in essence, treating our fellow humans as equals. Giving them the same rights and opportunities as the straight white men drafting our laws. If a politician doesn’t support treating everyone as his/her equal, then I don’t think they ought to be ¬†in a place of power over his/her fellows. So yes – if a politician is holding on to conservative, suffocating ideas of civil rights, I won’t be voting for them. They are not qualified to be a leader.