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Oh Gosh, Fred Phelps Again… October 7, 2010

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I know, I know… how many posts have I devoted to this cretin? Media coverage is what he wants. We should all ignore him, and maybe he’ll go away.

But oddly, I’m on the same side as him in this one. Well, not exactly on the same side… but in the general area.

If you’ve been living under a rock, with a handy internet connection that only leads to this site, let me explain. A father of a soldier killed in Iraq is suing the WBC. And although no one actually likes them, we have to support them in this case. Let’s go over the facts.

The first amendment guarantees citizens the right to free speech, and the right to protest peacefully. However annoying this protest was, it was peaceful. And it was speech. Therefore, it’s a double whammy from the Bill of Rights.

If the Supreme Court decides this isn’t allowed, what next? Will it be illegal to protest the Iraq War on 9/11, because it would offend the families of the dead? Would atheists not be allowed to speak up on Christmas? We can’t censor speech just because it’s annoying or rude. That’ll lead in all sorts of unpleasant directions.


A Night Gone, A Successful Protest… August 4, 2010

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My greatest fear as we walked up to the Sprint Center, the signs that had taken hours to letter rolled up in our hands, was that they wouldn’t be there. Sure, WBC (Westboro Baptist Church, home of Fred Phelps) had advertised this protest on their cesspool of a website, but that didn’t guarantee they’d be there.

Then we got there. Through a sea of Lady Gaga fans dressed in all sorts of obscure clothing, I got a glimpse of them. LOTS of them. I swear there were about twenty, all told, although I never counted. Here’s a picture of the enemy, kindly supplied by

Can you see the little kid roughly in the center? He’s not the youngest either – there was a little boy who must have been nine or ten, holding a sign saying ‘Fags are Doomed’. See, that’s what makes me sick. These kids are brainwashed into this church/cult thing, and it’s horrible.

We had to walk behind these folks to get to the cross walk, and let me tell you, it make me physically nauseous. I swear they’ve got an air of disgustingness oozing off them. Anyway, once we cleared that crowd of muck, we saw something I didn’t expect: counter protesters. A fair amount, too.

Standing there with other people in possession of human decency for 45 minutes was enlightening. Several concert attendees thanked us for being there. We were some of the less… provocative counter protesters. A few ran in and out of the WBC lines, holding signs like, “Drink the Kool-aid already” or “WBC needs to get laid”. A model for the photographers even borrowed one of my signs and ran around with it. Observe, and remember that’s not me. I wouldn’t wear that.

I sort of screwed up on the apostrophe, coloring it red instead of yellow, and had to make it black, but otherwise I think it’s very nice, for a first time sign maker. We can’t all have factory made ones, WBC. That doesn’t make you better.

Anyway, I felt great after doing this, and you better believe that if WBC or any like minded villains come around, those signs are coming out of my closet and being used once again. Maybe Phelps will get the hint. He’s not wanted here.


Ugh… Whatever August 2, 2010

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I have nothing to post today, so I’ll just talk about some posts I’ll be doing in the future.

Fred Phelps Protest – They don’t come to every location they put on their site. So they might not show, which would really be too bad. I’ve been working my hand off making signs. Blocking everything out and making sure the spacing is right is hard. I almost cried when I realized the ‘TOLERA’ of tolerance needed to be erased and rewritten. Thank goodness for poster markers. Otherwise I’d still be coloring.

Editors’ Prize – When I sent my story in and was rejected, the magazine sent me a flier to enter in their Editors’ Prize Contest for an essay, short story, or group of poems. You can win $5000 in each of those three categories. At first I thought this meant they liked me, or were at least ready to tolerate my work, until I saw the $20 entrance fee, complete with subscription to the magazine. Obviously this is simply a nefarious plot to raise their reading base. And if I entered three times… I get three magazines every quarter-year. Lovely. Anyway, since the submissions are due October 1st, that’ll give me plenty of time to freak about it.

Excerpts – I don’t know… half of me wants to post a bit from a story up here, to get some comments and constructive criticism. The cynic in me hisses, “Someone’ll copy and paste and you’ll see your story pop up in the next Cicada.” Not that it would be good enough to be accepted, of course… Anyway, I’ll have to think on it.


Fred Phelps, This City Ain’t Big Enough For the Two of Us July 29, 2010

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You’ve probably heard of Lady Gaga. I’d hope you’ve heard of Fred Phelps, but not everyone has heard about this charming piece of humanity. Feel free to google him, as explaining it all again would probably give me a coronary. He’s the only person that tempts me to swear every time I think of him. It’s a mental strain.

Basically, Phelps has organized a church (the majority of which being his family) that blames anything that goes wrong on homosexuals. Problems in the Middle East? Gays. Oil spill? Lesbians. God is punishing us.

Yeah. Right. Besides the fact that I don’t believe in god, if there was one, I doubt he/she/it would be saying it. Blaming another group of people for any problems you have is common, petty, hateful, and completely human. It’s something our race does well. Hitler started out blaming the Jews for things in his country. Hopefully Phelps won’t get that kind of power, but you can never underestimate the power of hate.

So why am I bringing this up? Well, I’m in the KC area this week, and the popular, if eccentric artist Lady Gaga is performing at the Sprint Center. For reasons unbeknownst to all but him, Fred Phelps has sent his minions to protest. And I’m going out there to protest him. We’ve got to show the world that humanity can be mobilized for things other than hatred.

I’m not asking anyone to come out. But next time you see someone blaming everything on someone else, or being sexist, or racist, or homophobic, remember. Don’t let them be Fred Phelps. Don’t let them be Hitler. Stop the cruelty and the hate and the madness, before it’s too late.