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They’re Underpaid? July 21, 2010

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I just love waking up, turning on my browser, and being greeted with this lovely bit of news.

Yes, you’re reading this right. Some of these players are earning $4 million and someone thinks they need more. May I remind you that these men aren’t contributing anything meaningful to society. They are being paid these enormous salaries for playing a game. For running a ball from one end of a field to another and running into each other a lot. Do you see a problem here? Because I sure do.

The truth is, the most pointless jobs in our society are often the ones that pay the most. Sports stars, entertainers, things we can realistically do without. But how does it measure up?

The average salary of a football player (not necessarily a star): $700,000

The average salary of Miley Cyrus: $3.5 million

The average salary of a teacher: around $50,000

In my opinion, teachers do one of the most important jobs in the country. They teach. They tell students about the world, how it works, and how to survive in it. They mold the cowed kindergartener into the confident senior. The college education, increasingly prized, is worth nothing without good teachers to deliver it. And it seems to me that once people leave school, they forget how important it is. Teachers barely have enough to live on, while entertainers and sports stars live in plush mansions and drive expensive cars. It’s ridiculous. And it needs to change.

A country’s most valuable resource is its children. America hasn’t got the best education system in the world. Some citizens can’t even place the US on a map. While foreign exchange students come over here speaking fluent English, as a junior I still struggle getting my point across in French. Teachers are doing the best they can, but they need the government’s support. Otherwise we’ll become a nation of idiots. And honestly, there’s enough idiots in this nation already.