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I Guess I’m Losing… July 9, 2010

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So if you’ve been watching the news – which is a fairly pointless pasttime these days, considering most of it is Entertainment Tonight and stuff about Brittney Spears – you may have heard about the US-Russia spy swap. Now I’m at a loss as to why exactly we need to spy on each other, but whatever. What really got on my¬†nerves was when one anchor asked, “Which country won/ is winning?”

Yes, life is all about who wins. Board games, video games, sports – everything in our culture is about a victor and a loser, sometimes multiple losers. And it doesn’t stop there. The Olympics is all about countries beating each other. And war… that’s the biggest competition of all. And in war, it seems that you’re winning or losing based on how many people you’ve killed. During the Vietnam War, body counts were released to make it look like the US was winning. For a while, it worked. Why does the idea that our side killed more than the other side please us? The loss of life becomes just another scoreboard.

I wonder if there is a certain number of lives lost until you ‘win’. Not the war, or the game, or anything particular. Just win. And then, when there are thousands of bodies to your name and the world is soaked with blood, will you be happy? You should, because you won.

Am I taking this too far? Maybe I am, but the patterns in our culture, in our world, are there. When everything is competition, nothing good can come of it. We’ll be Panem before you know it.

By the way, the correspondent said the US won. The spies we’re getting back are more important, and we got better information. Does that make you feel better?